Utilities such as mining, demineralized water, wastewater treatment, effluent treatment, district cooling plant, dams, natural gas, sewage services, and heating plants operate round the clock. These industries require essential facilities thus demanding protection and control systems to operate efficiently and therefore heavily regulated. It takes deep industry expertise, and strong technology solutions, to address the unprecedented business challenges faced by utilities sector.

Utility sector heavily depends on reliability and availability of power so that there are no unplanned shutdowns and outages. It also demands monitoring systems that can alert the operatives to take immediate actions on deteriorating system health. 

We have extensive experience in working with some of the biggest utilities sectors in the world and delivering transformational benefits. We offer innovative solutions that improves operational efficiency of electrical systems and energy sources. Our IIOT solutions provide immense support to maintenance team and help them to take decisive actions. 

Apart from our general offering of products and services, below are some of our specialized products and services aimed to be used in Utilities sector only

Earthing & Lightning Protection System – Audit, Design & Simulation, Supply, Install and Commission
Harmonic Study
IIOT Solutions
Study & Root Cause Analysis
Thermography Study
Residual Life Analysis of Electrical Systems
EM Management
System Health Assessments
Transmission Line Audits & Corrections
Supply and commissioning of Earthing & Bonding Systems
Supply and commissioning of Lightning Protection & Management Systems