Electrical System Design Validation

Electrical design validation is generally performed to validate existing design specifications for prevailing system conditions and operations. This service provides a design that meets customer requirements and assures fault-free operations. We at Manav Energy perform design validation and provide implementable solutions to ensure safe and reliable electrical and instrumentation system operations based on the present condition.

Simulation & Modeling

Manav Energy design experts develop various algorithms, and modeling methods, simulating and designing the electric power system for all sectors. This includes Steady-state, Dynamic-state, and Transient-state design, and performance evaluations. Our capability to handle transient design and study gives the industry a very in-depth analysis of the stress caused during high energy discharge causing heavy flash-over and fatal incidents and accidents.

Root Cause Analysis

Manav Energy specialist team are experts in performing root cause analysis (RCA). We use the 5-Why method for problem-solving in electrical systems. Spurious trips, unplanned shutdowns, unknown reasons for electronic card failures are some of the RCA worked by our team. RCA generally serves as input to a redress process to take corrective actions and prevent the problem from reoccurring. Our Power system studies consultancy plays a vital role to resolve these issues.

Contracting & Project Management

Our project engineers are well trained and equipped to install various safety and reliability-related electrical equipment or system that performs at their best in the intended environment. We are certified and approved by major PMC (project management companies) to undertake installation works. We are proficient and have completed underground and overhead equipment installations for tunnels, power stations, railway infrastructure, and telecommunication networks.

The in-house specialized tools and equipment trained, and dedicated manpower, systems, and project planning & management give us the competitive advantage to execute large and complex installations. We also have trained experts for our patented IIoT products.