Electrical Safety and Reliability in Pharmaceutical Industry

Electrical Safety and Reliability in Pharmaceutical Industry

 Electrical Safety and Reliability in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Leading pharmaceutical firms have the challenging goal of maintaining the highest production, innovation, and development levels while safeguarding the health and safety of their workforce, coworkers, and communities. The pharmaceutical industry is highly technological and fast-paced, and the effects of its solutions create an impact globally. Their goal is to advance scientific knowledge to find better ways to maintain people’s health, safety, and strength. Hence maintaining electrical safety and reliability in the pharmaceutical industry is of utmost importance. 

Globally there has been an exponential rise in demand for healthcare services in the last decade largely driven by an increasing population, a surge in incidences of lifestyle-related diseases, increased access to treatment due to health insurance schemes, rising medical tourism, and an aging population. The present lifestyle has underlined the importance of healthcare and the necessity for dependable healthcare systems around the globe.

India – Pharmacy to the world

Biocon’s Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has said that “The previous years witnessed the largest number of clinical trials, the largest medical publications, and research programs in the country. This clearly shows that we have potential in research and innovation.” The Indian healthcare industry is expected to be among the top 3 in terms of incremental growth. Low-cost resources have facilitated low-cost production providing Indian pharma companies with a significant cost advantage and fuelling the growth of the Indian pharma industry. It is now mandatory to upgrade the system to international standards with a focus on encouraging innovations and technological developments.

India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. Indian pharmaceutical sector supplies over 50% of the global demand for various vaccines. 40% of generic demand in the US and 25% of all medicines in the UK. India enjoys an important position in the global pharmaceutical industry. The country also has a large pool of scientists and engineers with the potential to steer the industry ahead to greater heights. Presently, over 80% of the anti-retroviral drugs used globally to combat AID are supplied by Indian pharmaceutical firms.

Need for Electrical Safety and Reliability in Pharmaceutical Industry

Deterioration or faulty Electrical Safety design and philosophy affects sensitive assets directly and/or indirectly. There are three areas to consider in the healthcare ecosystem:

  1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing units
  2. Hospitals and related infrastructure
  3. Biomedical instrumentation
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Units 
Manufacturing units must comply with occupational safety and health guidelines. Apart from the standard requirements (protection against slipping, tripping, falling, etc.), for pharmaceutical manufacturing, there are additional hazards such as flammable material, combustible material, hazardous chemicals, biological hazards, etc. Hence, it is required to ensure there are no accidents due to electrical faults or leakage in such an environment.

Hospitals and Biomedical Instrumentation
Electrical safety and reliability are very important in hospitals. Design of earthing and lightning protection systems for hospitals needs to consider special conditions as well such as:
  • Hospitals use electrical systems critical for patient life support where any downtime can result in loss of life.
  • In treatments using electric equipment, patients may be under anesthesia, or unattended, they may not be able to react in case of an electrical fault.
  • An ongoing diagnostic procedure, or treatment for patients where natural protection offered by dry skin is lower.
  • Also, treatments involve the use of electrically conductive liquids such as saline or blood which can cause unforeseen complications in case of an electrical fault.
  • A damaged medical device may result in an incorrect diagnosis, wrong treatment, or direct effects such as burns or shock

Benefits of electrical safety and reliability solutions for the healthcare ecosystem
the healthcare ecosystem, key areas to consider for electrical safety and reliability are manufacturing units, hospital buildings, hospital grounds, power supply, power distribution, surgery room, hospital rooms, biomedical appliances and patient recovery areas. Through our expertise in earthing & lightning protection we provide comprehensive electrical safety and reliability solutions that enable clients to achieve the following:

  1. Safety to Assets & People
  2. Increased reliability of power supply and distribution
  3. Proper Discharge of Electrostatic Charge
  4. Removal of a spurious control signal

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