Electrical Safety Tips For Technology Parks

Electrical Safety Tips For Technology Parks

Electrical Safety Tips For Technology Parks

Power Play – Mastering Electrical Reliability

Technology parks are open spaces that function as business incubators. These parks need to have the latest technology and telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate the easy establishment and management of businesses. The electrical components include power distribution systems, backup power systems, lighting systems, fire protection systems, HVAC systems, and security systems. In technology parks, electrical components are also used to support servers and sensitive equipment. These components include power conditioning systems and surge protectors that provide clean and stable power to these critical components. These systems protect servers and other sensitive equipment from power fluctuations and outages that can cause damage and data loss. 

However, there are potential electrical hazards that can arise within these parks, including electrical shock, electrocution, fire, and explosions, which may result from overloaded circuits, damaged wiring, or faulty electrical equipment.  

This article provides 5 tips to avoid electrical hazards in technology parks. 


1.Safe Earthing System 

It is essential to conduct regular inspections to ensure that all electrical components are fixed properly and to identify any fittings or components that need replacement. A reliable earthing system is critical to ensure uninterrupted electrical network. 

2.Safety from Lightning Strikes 

Lightning strikes can cause severe damage to these technology parks and equipment if they are not effectively protected. Hence a uniquely designed lightning protection system can ensure the safe working of such business incubators. 

3.Proper Space Around Your Equipment to Avoid Overheating  

To prevent overheating of electrical equipment, it is crucial to ensure that there is proper air circulation around the equipment. It is recommended to avoid running electrical equipment enclosed in cabinets and store flammable objects away from electronic machines. To function safely, the equipment must be at least one foot away from the wall. Additionally, cooling systems such as precision air conditioning units are used to ensure that servers and other equipment don’t overheat and are kept at optimal operating temperatures. 

4.Avoid Overloading Circuits 

Overloading circuits is a common cause of electrical fires in technology parks. Overloading occurs when too many electrical devices are connected to a single circuit, causing it to overheat and potentially start a fire. To avoid overloading, it’s crucial to use power strips or surge protectors. 

5.Regular Maintenance and Inspections 

Regular maintenance and inspections are critical for identifying and addressing potential electrical hazards. This includes inspecting the electrical equipment and wiring, testing components and circuit breakers, and checking that all safety protocols are being followed. 

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