Electromagnetic Transient Study of Solar Plant

Electromagnetic Transient Study of Solar Plant

Electromagnetic Transient Study of Solar Plant

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Written By : Mr. Sonjib Banerjee

Edited By : Dr. Diksha Rohra

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electromagnetic radiation
Power system transients caused by switching or lightning surge to electric facilities result in significant damage of equipment or disrupt operations. Below is the case study where the EMT study was performed to analyze the behavior of the PV network and its readiness to connect with the main network.
Problem Statement 

A 300 MW PV plant was planned to be connected with a 132 kV substation. Check viability, output, and reliability of the PV plant and its connection to network through 132kV existing substation.


Manav Energy performed validation of the network by using specific simulation tools using frequency-dependent modelling. Sub-synchronous resonance phenomena, and stability at the point of common coupling were also conducted. Susceptibility of generating station could be identified through this study.

This kind of study enables appropriate integration and islanding of the network allowing us to investigate susceptibility of the network to small or large disturbances like switching, short circuit or lightning surges. It helps to eliminate unplanned outages and downtime that may lead to interruptions of operations and services. The study also provides implementable solutions to system integrator during integration of PV network to main grid.
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