Lightning Protection Systems

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Lightning Protection Systems


Lightning discharges result in high voltage surges that can flow into sensitive electronic instruments and communication systems, resulting in electrical equipment failure and causing incidents & fatal accidents. The Lightning protection systems are designed to protect structures from getting damaged during heavy lightning.  They protect the internal electrical components of a building, helping to prevent fires or electrocution. These systems create pathways for lightning strikes to travel safely from the top of a structure to the ground with a lightning conductor.

A lightning protection system intercepts the lightning current and diverts it safely to ‘the earth without causing any damage to the structure.

Lightning Protection System Components


A lightning protection system includes:

Air terminals

Air terminals protect your facility by directing lightning strikes to air terminals or lightning rods. The strategic placement of rods on a structure ensures that thunder will strike the rods rather than another part of the structure.


These connect the air terminals to the earth, directing lightning strikes into the earth where they can safely disperse.

Roof Mesh

The mesh method of lightning protection system design is defined in IEC 62305. The mesh method design does not depend on the structure’s height but needs flat surfaces. This concept cannot be used on curved surfaces. Here mesh of conductors is placed on the structure, and the separation distance of the conductors is based on the class of protection determined during the risk assessment.

For the mesh method to work, the following criteria must be met.

  1. Air termination rods are placed on roof edges, overhangs, and ridge lines
  2. No metal structure can protrude outside the volume protected

The network is constructed with a minimum of two separate paths for lightning discharge, and these conductors follow the most direct path to the ground.

Ariel Earth Wire

Tank farms are made up of tanks of different sizes for storing crude oil and other inflammable material. The dangers of a lightning strike or surge cause a tank to catch fire, and the consequences are fatal, causing heavy life loss, a polluted environment, and economic damage that takes a long time to recover.

Early Streamer Emission (ESE)

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning is a terminal that is mounted on the top of a structure. It is especially effective for lightning protection of industrial sites, public buildings, and sports arenas.

Manav Vajra®

This early streamer system offers improved performance of its ionization impulse capacity. Its efficiency and reliability are proven by the results of the certification tests made in high-voltage laboratories in Turkey (Europe) and from other laboratories according to the NFC 17-102 standard.

Manav Vajra® Counter

This product is necessary with Manav Vajra® during installation validation and periodical maintenance. It is designed for counting lightning strikes.


SatelitTM+G2, second generation ESE, from Duval Messein France, in compliance with NFC 17 102 standards. This product is tested at the test center of Bizet (an independent laboratory in France), certified at COFRAC.

Satelit™+G2 Counter

This product is necessary with Satelit™+G2 during installation validation and periodical maintenance. It is designed for counting lightning strikes.

Satelit® 3

This system from Duval Messien consists of a strike point, an excitation device (body), and a support rod. This ESE is equipped with a double polarization device. Satelit® 3 measures the intensity and polarity of the ambient electric field and releases an opposite upward streamer from the impulsion device of the active part of the lightning rod.

SAT-3 Multitester

This tester has been designed specially to check the operating of SATELIT3 functioning with radiofrequency (433 MHz). It is equipped with 4 LEDs, which provides positive or negative test result.

Lightning Protection System With Advanced Technology 


Lightning Management with Alert System (LMAS)


A one-of-a-kind system that provides the capability to manage lightning hazards by intelligently mitigating a lightning strike and providing a full-scale alert that ensures every person is in the safe zone.

The LMS (Lightning Management System) predicts the occurrence of storms and manages high-energy dissipation. The LAS (Lightning Alert System) alerts the authorities on the prevailing unsafe condition during lightning. The LAS is integrated with LMS electronically to form LMAS that detects, predicts, measures, and annunciates the storm & lightning conditions in a given environment, thus providing safety and reliability to lives, livestock, and assets.

We are one of the world’s leading experts in the field of lightning protection and perform various studies, tests, measurements, modeling, and simulations to analyze and implement safe direct and indirect lightning protection and management. We evaluate the unique requirements of each project by using advanced analytical software platforms and provide a complete lightning protection solution from design to installation as per the latest standards. We have a qualified designing and servicing team with vast experience in implementing Lightning Protection Systems for high-rise buildings, commercial towers etc.

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