Manav Energy Defines the Future of Energy with Resilient – Carbon Neutral

Manav Energy Defines the Future of Energy with Resilient Carbon Neutral

Manav Energy Defines the Future of Energy with Resilient – Carbon Neutral

Power Play – Mastering Electrical Reliability

As India is following a steep economic growth trajectory, it is essential to plan for optimal energy use and reduce negative environmental impact. Many sectors in the country consume different quantities and forms of energy leading to emissions of various air pollutants that deteriorate air quality at different levels. As a result, India is the fourth-largest greenhouse gas polluter after China, the US, and Europe.

The health impacts of the deteriorating ambient air quality, especially in urban cities of India, are of grave concern. The effects of some of the pollutants can be seen at the regional scale. To tackle these issues, various policy measures are being introduced by the Government of India to reduce vehicular and industrial emissions.

Researchers have found the following pain points that hinder organizations and industries from adhering to the policies:

1) Lack of infrastructural facilities

2) Inadequacy of financial resources for green innovation

3) Difficulty in the relocation of the industries from the urban centers

4) Behavioural patterns among people in accepting the green solutions

Effective policies, technologies, and land-use planning can help develop an innovative strategy for emission control. Manav Energy aims to contribute to this cause by giving creative and effective electrical safety and reliability solutions and technology. These solutions enable industries to consume the right amount of energy and contribute to energy conservation and reduced carbon emission.

Decarbonization will be vital in making power-generating assets more efficient, secure, and resilient, industries sustainable, and helping manufacturers reduce waste. Many corporations and governments, including Manav Energy, are contributing to being carbon neutral by 2070.

Our firm belief is that companies play a pioneering role in ensuring a better and sustainable nation. In that spirit, Manav Energy has taken part in a project with the Indian Metro that has saved over 45 million tons of carbon emissions over the six years between 2012 and 2018 by picking environmentally sustainable ways to enhance the performance of electrical networks in huge projects, which has earned approximately 45 million”carbon credits.

The organization has contributed its services and solutions to Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) by installing overhead equipment and serving over 05 metros with its safety and reliability solutions avoiding unwanted breakdown or shutdown. Its end-to-end earthing solutions channelize the faults generated during electrical operation through earthing systems that are made from non-leaching and maintenance-free earthing compounds. Manav Energy experts have provided design and consultancy services for Earthing and Bonding, EMC/EMI, Insulation Coordination, Lightning Protection, Electrical Clearance to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC), Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC), Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL), and BEML.

It also offers earth grid design and simulation services, SITC of earthing and lightning protection systems, power system studies including Sub-synchronous resonance, short circuit study, and power evacuation study for an economically sustainable green energy.

Manav Energy aims to create a path by achieving net-zero emissions by 2070.

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