This compound is carbon-based conductive cement which exponentially enhances the dissipation capacity of the soil. It reduces the resistivity of soil. This product provides conductive concrete earthing in standalone or in combination with other compounds in a specific ratio to deliver cement or concrete-based maintenance-free earthing systems. It is manufactured under the Manav brand with strict quality adherence. This product provides conductive concrete earthing for areas with a high-water table and in open-area projects such as railways, substations, transmission towers, etc.



Product Features

Made from organic elements and minerals Electrically & thermally conductive Creates conductive channels for quick fault-current dissipation Reduction of theft of conductors due to concrete formation Provides stable earthing system at very-high or very-low temperatures Standard Packaging: 5 Kg Customized packaging available
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Standards and Certifications

Conforms to IEEE 80: 2013 Clause 14.5 (d) and IEC 62561-7

RoHS Compliant

ISO 9001 certified manufacturing

CPRI tested

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