Insulating Mats

Insulating mats safeguard the life of electricians & other technicians, in case of any accidental current leakage while working on AC or DC installations. Synthetic insulation mat confirms the complete safety of workers handling live electronic equipment. Made with a combination of rubber & synthetic polymers.

  • 1. Color – Most preferred colours are Black, Blue & Grey but other colours are also available on request. All offered colours are manufactured without metallic derivatives.
  • 2. Surface – Minute abrasions are provided on the upper surface of the mat to make the surface Anti-skid.
  • 3. Size – As per standard width is normally 1meter & length up to 10meter per Roll but other sizes are made available as per the requirement of the purchaser.



Safety Mats for electrical applications are divided into three main classes based on voltage ratings. The recommended division is as follows:

Product Code Class Thickness Working Voltage Proof Voltage Break down Voltage
SAIMA20 A 2.0 3.3KV 10KV 33KV
SAIMB25 B 2.5 11KV 22KV 45KV
SAIMB30 C 3.0 33KV 36KV 65KV
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