Roof Mesh

The mesh method of lightning protection system design is defined in IEC 62305. The mesh method design is not dependent on the height of the structure but needs flat surfaces. This concept cannot be used on curved surfaces. Here mesh of conductors is placed on the structure and the separation distance of the conductors is based upon the class of protection determined during the risk assessment.

For the mesh method to work following criteria must be met.

  • Air termination rods are placed on Roof edges, overhangs, and ridgelines
  • No metal structure can protrude outside the volume protected

The network is constructed with a minimum of two separate paths for lightning discharge and that these conductors follow the most direct path to the ground.

As per IEC 62305 conductors under the roof of a structure can be used as part of the mesh grid, or even the whole grid. These components may be the rebar structure underneath the roof.

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