World’s First Remote Fault-time Earth Monitoring System

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Written By : Mr. Sonjib Banerjee

Edited By : Dr. Diksha Rohra

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Fig 1 – FermTalk

World’s first Remote Fault-time Earth Resistance Monitoring (R-FERM®) System


Key Highlights

Product Patented – Patent No. 381603
First successful product commissioning at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, a government of India company. 


The earthing system, which is the most important part of safety, is influenced by environmental conditions, soil moisture, etc. Today, industries perform manual measurement of the earthing system and are unable to capture their real-time behaviour. Between the time gap of consecutive manual testing, the earthing system may deteriorate resulting in unplanned or spurious tripping during the lightning, fault, and switching. The absence of earthing system’s fault time character impedes maintenance planners to design, develop or incorporate an effective protection system. This leads to asset damage, fatal accidents, and economical losses.

Manav Energy’s IIoT enabled patented system called Remote Fault-time Earth Resistance Monitor (R-FERM®) is the world’s first solution that provides real-time measurement of earthing system resistance during normal and fault-time with timely notification and annunciation of each earthing pit distributed across the area.

This system consists of hardware (FermTalk®) and software (FermSoft®) component. This system uses cloud technology to provide hierarchy-based notification and alerts the O&M team with pit identification, enabling effective utilization of plant maintenance machinery and manpower. This proactive system increases plant efficiency and profits, improving brand image by reducing operational downtime.

This solution enables the user to

  • Monitor daily variation of earthing system resistance
  • The number of faults occurred in each pit
  • Resistance at the time of fault in each pit
  • Worst case step potential and touch potential at the time of earth fault
  • Worst case step potential and touch potential at the time of lightning
  • It enables to work on the safety system pre-emptively and prepare before eventuality strike
Fig 2 – FermSoft
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