Earth Pit Instant Cure (EPIC)

Rejuvenation Kits for existing earthing system.

In brown-field projects, installing an additional earthing system becomes unrealistic due to space constraints, concrete flooring, site accessibility, etc. It increases installation costs and delays in execution.

To address these complications, our team has worked out an innovative solution, EPIC (Earth Pit Instant Cure) that when applied to existing earthing pits, enhances the performance. It upgrades the performance of existing earth pits and makes them maintenance-free. This economically minimizes the need to install new earth pits in areas where fresh installations are not possible.
EPIC (Earth Pit Instant Cure) is being opted by different sectors such as petrochemical, power, telecom, infrastructure, process plants, etc.,

Note: The above solution can be used when the ground electrode is of good health and not extensively corroded. Please contact us for a tailor-made solution.
Kit Number: KTT00

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