Horizontal Maintenance-Free Kit

These kits are used in green-field or brown-field projects where excavation beyond 600 mm is unfeasible. They can be used in different soil profiles (rocky, bedrock, sandy, desert, frozen lands, etc.). These kits are best for areas with low depth and/or having a rocky bed. These horizontal maintenance-free systems provide an optimal solution where vertical space is a constraint. A specific ratio of Curec+® and Curecon® are mixed to provide the best maintenance-free earthing systems. This kit includes special accessories to support the horizontal pit design. It is an ideal solution for tankage and other explosion-sensitive areas as the design promotes non-sparking methodologies of installation. This type of earthing solution should be opted where the soil has underline bedrocks or in hazardous zones when deep auguring is not possible. We also provide custom solutions that focus on unique issues faced by the industry

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