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In 2008, Manav embarked on a journey in Dubai with a steadfast commitment to delivering engineering excellence to valued clients. Our initial focus was on safeguarding towering structures from lightning surges and strikes, marking the beginning of our dedicated pursuit of electrical safety and reliability solutions. Our inaugural project involved installing a Lightning Protection System (LPS) for the iconic Burj Khalifa.

With a track record of significant success in providing electrical safety and reliability solutions for projects in the Middle East, we expanded into India in 2014. Our core mission remains the protection of lives, livestock, and assets, ensuring the consistent delivery of reliable electrical operations. This unwavering dedication has translated into triumph across iconic and mission-critical projects globally, with a portfolio boasting over 1500 projects.

At Manav, our experts excel in managing various project types, from green-field and brown-field projects to comprehensive transformations of existing electrical safety systems. Our strengths lie in self-reliance, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, groundbreaking technology, and a holistic approach to electrical safety. 

Over the years, Manav has solidified its reputation as a trusted provider of electrical safety and reliability solutions, leaving a lasting impact on the industry by protecting lives and assets while delivering sustainable electrical operations.


To deliver electrical safety and reliability for a better future


Develop products and services with a ‘know why’ attitude and with best applicative concepts.

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