Telecommunication is an essential part of modern life. They help keep people connected and is an important tool for socio-economic development. The telecom sector continues to be at the epicenter for growth, innovation, and disruption for virtually any industry. Mobile devices and related broadband connectivity continue to drive the momentum of modern technology trends. Thus, even a short duration breakdown in services impacts performance of market and leads to huge losses.

This industry is extremely sensitive to its environment. A major disruption to this environment can lead to severe public safety issues and economic losses. This sector is heavily dependent on electricity infrastructure to function efficiently. Thus, the interdependency of telecom sector on power is very high thus increasing the risk of failure if the power is unstable or inefficient. Damages to telecommunication installations and equipment are caused due to lightning strikes, lack of permanent earthing system, power disruption, effect of other electrical systems and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

We at Manav Energy understand the dependency of telecom equipment on electrical systems. Our expert services and products are aligned to provide smooth and safe functioning of telecom cell sites. Our capability to accurately model and simulate electrical network during fault conditions help system integrators to understand probable risks and provide them with techno-commercially viable solutions. Such solutions enable sustainable integration of electrical systems with telecom asset to gain maximum efficiency. 

Apart from our general offering of products and services, below are some of our specialized products and services aimed to be used in telecommunication sector only 

Earthing & Lightning Protection System – Audit Design & Simulation, Supply, Install and Commission
Harmonic Study
Grid Integration Study
Supply and commissioning of Earthing & Bonding Systems
Supply and commissioning of Lightning Protection & Management Systems