Cathodic Protection System

Manav Energy understands the requirement of such structures and provides various protective solutions using its design, capability, and recommending best products and their implementation. Our experts in this domain are trained to perform appropriate system analysis and design comprehensive solutions through relevant software (CorrCAD) modeling and simulation to achieve the integrity of metallic structures.

Corrosion is a destructive phenomenon generally seen in pipelines, ships, tanks, offshore oil platforms, etc. This special service category delivers protective solutions for electrochemical corrosion in a wide range of metallic structures. These protective solutions are typically installed during original construction, major expansions, or upgrades.

Renewable Energy Services

The two best clean sources of energy are solar power and wind energy. They provide zero-emission energy, thus reducing carbon emissions during power generation using the existing power system network. Renewable energy produced makes up to 26% of the world’s electricity today, expected to reach 30% by 2024 (according to International Energy Agency – IEA). Moreover, the sector is projected to grow at an accelerated rate in the coming years. Therefore, system adequacy assessments to allow power systems to deliver secure and affordable electricity supply during energy transitions play a vital role.

Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC) Services

These advanced engineering services enable understanding of unintentional generation, propagation, and reception of electromagnetic energy, which may cause unseen effects such as electromagnetic interference or physical damage in operational equipment. This set of services addresses three main issues: cause of emission, susceptibility, and coupling. Our expert team performs various measurements using advanced EM tools and provides mitigations by addressing all the three issues mentioned.

Transmission Line Special Services

Transmission lines are an essential part of the electrical system. These lines are accomplished by an extensive network of high-voltage power lines, including overhead wires underground and submarine cables. Maintaining reliability, extending the life of transmission lines, increasing electrical energy of transmission capabilities, preventing failures, and ensuring the safety of humans and assets are vital for uninterrupted operations.

Substation Special Services

Substations are the power interaction hub between multiple voltages that are primarily required to provide reliable power to load centers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure safe and reliable operations during lightning surges, electrical faults, or switching. Therefore, we provide special services to enhance substation performance and prevent catastrophic failure, resulting in costly downtime and high O&M cost.

Telecommunication Special Services

The telecommunications industry is a broad field encompassing the transmission of information over radio, telephone, video, or other technical communication systems. In addition, telecom companies have thousands of self-owned and shared cell sites across the country. Therefore, it is essential to ensure safe and reliable cell sites and control buildings.

Pre and Post Commission Validation

Large projects require pre- and post-commissioning validation of electrical networks. Correct commissioning is vital to the satisfactory operation of any plant or facility. Therefore, special efforts are needed to ensure safety and reliability at commissioning. Since commissioning, start-up, and shutdown activities have been responsible for many accidents, failures, and other issues, these activities deserve special attention. Our commissioning experts investigate the deficiencies during construction by performing tests and measurements during the pre- and post-commissioning phases. Our team carefully plans and seamlessly integrates different electrical systems, particularly control systems, by performing a wide range of verifications, checks, and tests under realistic conditions.

Shutdown Services

Maintenance downtime is a critical success factor for energy and industrial plants. Successful shutdowns or turnarounds require careful planning to achieve the most negligible production downtime. We provide end-to-end solutions during the planned shutdown of any utility. Our experts perform various electrical safety and reliability RCA audits, tests, measurements, and system studies before the planned shutdown and provide implementable solutions through audit reports. We also provide SITC (supply, install, test, and commission) services for corrections identified and ensure timely implementation.