Rail & Metro

Rail metro

Rail-metro and light rail systems have grown to become the mainstream mode of transportation by providing intercity and extensive regional reach. It plays a very significant role in the growth and development of nations. To increase efficiency & reduce travel time, rail transport is evolving from coal-powered engines to High-Speed Rails, Metros, MAGLEV & Hyper-Loop technologies etc. 

With evolving technologies, asset management & risk mitigation of electrical and electronic components have become more complex and advanced. Railway systems such as overhead electrification (OHE), signals and telecom equipment are subjected to stringent safety standards to ensure safe and reliable operations in Rail & Metro. 

We offer a complete solution that is uniquely positioned for rail and metro. We efficiently design an electrical system that has the ability to handle critical loads related to rail and metro infrastructure. Be it a tunnel, city, or district, we have a team of electrical engineers who provides solutions to protect the integrity of assets and guarantee the safety of humans.  

Our expert analytical skills and experience in electrical safety systems, power system and transient studies on rail traction network, electrical operation-time simulation and modelling concepts, and EM management enables us to provide best-in-class service for this industry.

Apart from our general offering of products and services, below are some of our specialized products and services aimed to be used in the Rail & Metro sector only.

Earthing & Rail Bonding System – Design & Simulation, Supply, Install, and Commission
Power Quality Study
OHE Installation
S&T Earthing System – Design, Supply, Install and Commission
GSS/TSS/SP/SSP Earth Grid – Design, Supply, Install and Commission
EM Management for Traction Network
Supply and commissioning of Earthing & Bonding Systems
Special Accessories for Railway & Metro Installations