The infrastructure sector is a key driver of any economy. Manav Energy provides its products and services to shipyards, airports, storage facilities, large public gathering centres for work and recreation, oil & gas pipelines etc. 

In these sectors managing electrical faults and high energy surges play a vital role in ensuring the proper working of HV, LV, and ULV electric equipment. Readiness to handle equipment failures and functional defects during operation can be achieved if essential electrical safety and reliability parameters are implemented to ensure unhindered operations in the large-scale Infrastructure sector.

With an in-house manufacturing and R&D team, our experts are constantly developing new solutions that are easy to implement. Our IIOT products are developed using patented technology to remotely monitor system health during normal and fault time operations.

Apart from our general offering of products and services, below are some of Manav Energy’s specialized products and services aimed to be used in the Infrastructure sector only.

Earthing System Design
Power Quality Study & Audit
Power Systems Studies
Study & Root Cause Analysis
Earthing & Bonding Systems
Lightning Protection & Management Systems