Renewable Energy

The world is turning to Renewable Energy to deliver on the promise of a carbon-neutral future. The rollout of smart energy and renewable technologies by utilities is reforming the way power companies and users manage and think about electricity. Digital technology and renewable generation are together transforming. We are moving into an era of distributed energy wherein a reliable, and highly efficient supply of power from renewable sources is demanded. 

Even though renewable energy (RE) is better for the environment and produces less emission than conventional energy sources, there are many challenges towards the deployment of large-scale safe and reliable Renewable Energy systems due to technological barriers, high initial investment, and intermittency challenges. With this technological advancement, cost, and efficiency are the basic elements to be considered during the adaptation of such systems. The major challenge is to integrate RE systems into the existing distribution networks safely and efficiently (solar grid integration, wind power grid integration, etc.). 

Our experts in this sector provide design and simulation solutions to integrate RE systems into an existing network. Our services and products aim to provide quality solutions to support your future strategies and help you deliver more effectively. 

Apart from our general offering of products and services, below are some of our specialized products and services aimed to be used in the renewable energy sector only. 

Earthing & Lightning Protection System – Audit Design & Simulation, Supply, Install and Commission
Harmonic Study – Solar Farms
Grid Integration Study
RCA for Faults
Earthing & Bonding Systems
Lightning Protection & Management Systems
IIOT Solutions