Remote Fault-time Earth Resistance Monitor

Lightning Management and Alert System

In response to this reliability challenge, Manav  has innovatively developed the Remote-Fault Time Earth Resistance Monitor (R-FERM). This automated system not only streamlines measurement processes but also assesses the health of earthing systems and provides real-time information on system behavior during operational faults. Operating on advanced patented technology, R-FERM transforms manual monitoring into an efficient online network, reducing time and effort for maintenance teams and ensuring timely intervention for deteriorating earthing systems.

In addition to earthing system safety, Manav addresses the unpredictable nature of lightning, which can lead to high-voltage surges affecting electronic instruments and communication systems. While traditional lightning protection offers safety during surges without considering environmental conditions. Manav offers a new innovative system, LMAS. This unique system not only detects, predicts, and measures storm and lightning conditions but also alerts authorities, ensuring the safety and reliability of lives, livestock, and assets in the face of lightning hazards.