LMAS (Lightning Management With Alert System)

lightning management system

Lightning is an unpredictable phenomenon and discharges high voltage surges, that can flow into sensitive electronic instruments and communications systems which results in electrical and electronic equipment failures, unplanned shutdowns, fatal accidents, and incidents.

By using the lightning protection concept safety and reliability are provided during the time of surge or strike without understanding the prevailing conditions in the environment. Whereas the Lightning Management concept offers comprehensive protection from lightning surges by understanding the prevailing environmental conditions.

A one of a kind system that provides the capability to manage lightning hazards by intelligently mitigating a lightning strike and providing a full-scale alert that ensures every person is in the safe

The LMS (Lightning Management System) predicts the occurrence of storms and manages the high energy dissipation. The LAS (Lightning Alert System) alerts the authorities on the prevailing unsafe condition during lightning. The LAS is integrated with LMS electronically to form LMAS that detects, predicts, measures, and annunciates the storm & lightning conditions in a given environment thus providing safety and reliability to lives, livestock, and assets.


How LMAS can help you

Saves Life and Asset​
Detects & Predicts Occurrence of Storms or Lightning
Real-time Protection and Security Against Lightning
Zero Accidents or Incidents During this Unsafe Period