R-FERM® (Remote Fault-time Earth Resistance Monitor)

Accurately designed and functionally maintained earthing system is an imperative need in the electrical safety & reliability segment. These safety systems protect life, livestock and assets from fatal accidents and irrevocable damage caused during high intensity operational faults and during high energy dissipation. 

Today, all sectors are relying on performing manual measurement of earthing system resistance which is prone to measurement errors and do not capture real time system behaviour during operational faults.

To address this reliability issue in electrical safety system, Manav Energy has indigenously developed.

Remote-Fault Time Earth Resistance Monitor(R-FERM), automates measurement, evaluates healthiness of earthing system and provides fault-time system behaviour information remotely.

R-FERM’s digitalized concept reduces time & effort and provides an automated monitoring system for maintenance teams such that deteriorated earthing systems are addressed in time thus making the electrical network safe and reliable.

 R-FERM works on advanced patented technology and transposes manual monitoring to an automated online monitoring network.


How RFERM can help you

Saves Life and Asset​
Saves Production Loss
Minimizes Downtime and Malfunctioning of Protection Systems
Prevent Electrical Accidents by Active Monitoring and Maintenance