Site Survey and Measurements

This is a unique service given by Manav Energy for all greenfield and brownfield projects before starting other services such as Audit, Testing, Installation, and Measurements. This service helps to identify the present condition of the site for new or existing installations and systems. During this service, the team visits the site to measure various criteria such as soil resistivity, terrain condition, existing grounding conditions, equipment aging, system deterioration, and assess the effect of the shared corridor on the project site. We conduct a visual inspection and perform various measurements as per national and international standards. The measured data is simulated using software such as CORRCAD, EMTP-RV, etc. to arrive at recommendations to achieve safe electrical systems.

Electrical System Design

The electrical system and protection designs are developed to protect lives and livestock from incidents or accidents during operations. Accurate system designs are also aimed to protect assets from excess electrical stress and accelerated aging. Minimizing spurious trips and unnecessary load shedding can be achieved through proper system design which in turn reduces huge O&M costs and plays a vital role in reducing carbon footprint by ensuring intended equipment life without any breakdown.

Electrical Safety Audit & Study

This specialized service is used not only for compliance with applicable safety standards and regulations but also to determine pre-emptive safety measures during operation and contingency conditions. These services have been instrumental to eliminate spurious trips, breakdowns, and unplanned shutdowns. It improves profit and shareholder value by minimizing operation and maintenance costs, decreasing downtime, and increasing revenue.

The audit also validates inadequacies or anomalies due to design, Installation, and aging. Electrical safety and reliability audits comprehensively ascertain the healthiness of systems. Our experts follow a systematic approach to evaluate the present condition. Based on the audit inference Manav Energy recommends various implementable solutions as per national and international standards.

Test & Commission

Our Testing and commissioning team ensure high-value equipment and structures are installed and tested according to the operational requirements as per defined objectives and criteria. Successful commissioning of a project ensures a new facility begins its life cycle at optimal productivity with all systems operating as intended.

Electrical Safety Products Supply

Manav Energy with its dedicated ISO 9001 certified manufacturing and product development facility is a pioneer in developing various electrical safety and reliability products. Our in-house testing capability ensures product performance as per the intended environment. We also play a vital role in procuring project-specific requirements through various quality checks and best-in-class supply chain management. Please refer to our product catalog for more details